With over 40 years experience in the overhead glazing industry Energy-Glazed Systems, Inc. continues to lead the industry with our commitment to excellence in the development, production, and installation of virtually any skylighting system, pre-engineered or custom. We have recently expanded our capabilities and product line to include shading systems and retractable roof systems, putting us in the forefront of the glass and glazing industry. At E-GSI, we take all of the steps necessary to ensure quality craftsmanship and 100% customer satisfaction. It starts with the intricate and thorough designing by our in-house engineers…designs we have researched and refined so completely that we are confident that our product is not only superior to the competition but that our design, manufacturing, and installations will leave our customers feeling confident that they could not have gotten a better product.
Our team of highly experienced engineers, craftsman, and installers has initiated the development and refinement of the most versatile, comprehensive, quality engineered overhead glazing systems available on the market. E-GSI’s years of experience in developing quality glazing systems have been incorporated into high-tech, leak-free insulated and economical structural polycarbonate/fiberglass panel systems. Panel sections (6’ wide up to 22’ long) are pre-glazed and designed to lock together with the patented lock seal design. No field fabrication is required. E-GSI’s integral condensation gutter and weeping system carries all moisture to the outside. Without proper condensation control, skylights not only become unsightly, but they can lead to interior leakage, staining and thousands of dollars in damages. Filling the demand for high quality factory glazed skylight systems, we have pushed the envelope of excellence offering custom or standard skylight systems that are 100% factory assembled and shipped to the field completed which saves the cost of installation or cuts the cost down to 60-70% of what it would normally be. Pre-glazed items are ready to be simply placed on a curb and mounted. E-GSI also offers fully customized systems at a cost only slightly higher than our standard systems. Since we do such a large quantity of custom work, most custom jobs are designed and priced as if they were standard jobs. Our project estimators and sales support teams are always available and willing to individually spend time with each and every customer. It has always been a priority at E-GSI to make every customer feel like our only customer and that’s just how you’ll feel.